Monday, March 1, 2010

true north, strong and free.

As gold as it gets.
When the Canadian Olympic Committee boldly predicted that Canada would be sitting atop the medal standings at the end of the games, it was an optimistic statement for an optimistic country. With the total medal count rising every year for the red and white, home soil just might be the extra boost that we needed to shoot to the top. Canada didn't burst out of the gates like they had hoped. Sure, Bilodeau's gold medal was worth a cheer or two, but in the big picture, the first week of competition must have been disappointing for the nation as a whole. The results (or lack there of) prompted the COC to admit that the initial prediction would not be realized, bursting the hopeful balloons everywhere, and once again making the host nation look vulnerable and ill-prepared.

One week later, Canada does indeed sit at the top of the standings. Sure, we got beat by our arrogant neighbours in the overall medal count. But boy oh boy do those 14 Canadian gold medals stand out. And they should. You've never seen that number before at any Winter Olympics. Canada got down to business during the home stretch taking 5 combined gold medals during Days 15 and 16. And on Day 17, Canada won its record-breaking, country-unifying, American-owning 14th gold medal with an epic victory in Men's Hockey. Not just the most golds at the games this year, but the most goals ever at a Winter Games. Way to end it with a BANG! The crowns of the hockey world have finally been returned to it's proper place. And much like the games in 2002 at Salt Lake City, Canada showed the world why "it's our game," winning both the men's and women's hockey in truly patriotic fashion. And its not just for hockey. For the next four years, the Olympics belong to us!