Wednesday, November 25, 2009


hello world.

As a "first post" I figured that it would probably be a good idea to describe the meaning behind the title for my blog. I hope that this will be the first of many posts to come and i hope that i will be disciplined enough to consistently update this as much as i can.

So what does the slogan "the unknown" have to do with anything? And no, it's not just some cool, catchy line that i picked up somewhere at some random location that i was once at during one phase of my lifetime. If you don't know this already, i am a huge music person. As much as i enjoy the raw talent of an extraordinary musician, i'm also a huge advocate of purposeful lyrics. So when i first heard the song unknown by lifehouse, i was really impacted by the refrain of the song. It says "faith makes everybody scared, but it's the unknown, the don't-know that keeps me hanging on." If you've got me on facebook, you may have noticed that the aforementioned line is currently nesting under "favourite quotes." The quote has actually been there since my high school days. So it's pretty much been stuck to me for quite a while.

So back on track now. Why does this line mean so much to me?

Have you guys ever been so sure of something? like an unshakable belief that the outcome idealized in your head would be realized. There are a lot of situations in life in which you place your utmost confidence. We're confident that...hrrmm...this is actually harder than i thought. I was gonna say that we're generally pretty confident that the sun will rise. But truth be told, there is the possibility that we're gonna wake up at 8 am tomorrow morning and it'll be dark as night. And that's exactly my point. What could we possibly be certain about? I mean if the Kansas City Chiefs could beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, then all of a sudden we start to realize that anything is possible. Like seriously, 99% of the sporting world thought that the Steelers would win and now the same 99% are dead wrong.

This is the kind of world we live in - a world filled with uncertainties, voids, and unknowns. But through all of this, one thing remains the same. One constant. The beginning and the end. That is our Father in heaven. That is where we place our utmost confidence. Confidence that the one who started his good work will carry it on into completion until the day His son returns [Philippians 1:6]. Confidence that the one who made the universe holds every single one of His children in His hand. Confidence that no matter how bleak the situation or how lost we may be, we have hope that we will be carried through the storm. And the world has a lot of trouble acknowledging that. They have difficulty surrendering their lives to an entity that is unknown to them - to a being that is invisible to them. Perhaps they prefer to rely on something that they believe to be more concrete. But like i said, there is only one constant. And as followers, it is during our toughest times that we are able to hang on because we have faith in the one on whom we cling so dearly - that He is unwavering; the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and even on Monday mornings.

So hopefully this is the first of many posts to come. I sincerely hope that you'll be able to take something away from this and i hope that you'll let me know if there's something that you don't quite agree about.